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Shareholders' agreement

Shareholders’ agreement: Legal Framework, types and how to do it?

A Shareholders’ agreement is a private document, which regulates the relationships between those who make up the corporate structure of a Company, its partners, among themselves and their relationship with the company.

On this post we will explain which are the different types of shareholders’ agreements, their legal framework applicable and how to do a shareholders’ agreement.

Different types

Emphasizing the nature of a Shareholders’ agreement as a private document, which reiterated jurisprudence has already recognized the possibility of making it enforceable against society,

Stock options plans

Stock options plans and their regulation

On this post we will talk about stock options plans and their regulation. In recent years, the market has witnessed the exponential growth in the number of companies, as the result of an improvement in economic conditions, that has promoted an optimal panorama that has multiplied the number of entrepreneurs. Now there are new profiles who want to gain a foothold in the business world.

In previous articles we talked about the importance of financing rounds in the future of a Startup, as a decisive factor in its consolidation.

Funding rounds for Startups

Funding rounds for Startups. How do they work?

Currently, the Funding rounds for Startups have become one of the most popular alternative financing mechanisms and it is in the agenda of the Startup entrepreneurial world, through which many projects have managed to take off.

This type of financing mechanism is nothing more than the process by which the entrepreneurs of a Startup get the financial support necessary to materialize their idea thanks to the participation of investors.

What are the the Funding rounds for Startups?

The key element of the Financing Rounds is the raising of capital without having to resort to traditional methods of bank financing,

How to set up a business in Spain

How to set up a business in Spain

Are you wondering how to set up a business in Spain? Throughout this article we are going to identify what are the different milestones, from legal framework, to consider to create a company in Spain. To do this, we will start by mentioning what are the main steps to follow to create it.

We are going to focus this article on the creation of commercial companies, more specifically on Limited Liability Companies or better known as Limited Companies.

Main steps to create a company from scratch

Once we have a clear idea and the business viability,

startup unicornio

What is an unicorn startup?

By unicorn startup, we mean a private equity company with a value of more than one billion US dollars that is not yet traded on the stock exchange. That is, at some stage of the capital raising process. In other words, they are companies that have managed to increase their value rapidly, after a great deal of growth in a short time.

Aileen Lee, an investor and venture capital specialist, was the first to use this term in 2013.


As mentioned above, these are characterised by a rapid increase in financial value,

reservas voluntarias

Reduction of capital to provide voluntary reserves: applicable regime

Throughout the life of company, there may be situations where the share capital, as we have seen in previous articles, for a limited liability company is at least 3,000, and for a joint-stock company 60,000 may be modified by the entry of new investors who provide financing through capital increases or, as in the present case, situations of capital imbalance or separation of shareholders form the company, which require a reduction in capital.

The last assumption will be the subject of our article today.



The law on the digital transformation of the financial system (sandbox) has been approved

What is “sanbox”? On November 15, Law 7/2020 for the digital transformation of the financial system came into force. With this regulation, Spain is committed to technological innovation in the financial sector and opens the doors to the creation of ‘sandboxes’, providing a great opportunity to those financial operators who wish to start up innovative projects.

What is the ‘sandbox’ and requirements to access the ‘sandbox’:

The ‘sandbox’ is a testing ground through which the suitability or otherwise of a certain financial service is evaluated, due to the technological innovation it represents,

incubadora de negocios

What is a Business Incubator?

A business incubator is an excellent tools for the development of companies at the time of their birth, as they provide the necessary assistance to take first steps to grow.

What is a business incubator?

We can define business incubator as a program that gives the necessary support to businesses in their earliest stages in order to help them grow, strengthen and develop.

The incubators offer their consulting services from the initial phase of the project, from the moment that the business idea was created. However,

Companies’ mergers

Companies’ mergers: Main points to consider

One of the most frequent corporate operations between companies is precisely the merger of companies.

In a context of an increasingly interconnected global economy, companies are looking for expansion strategies, but also for financial survival, in which this type of business operation is becoming increasingly relevant.

In fact, one of the most relevant points to take into account when setting up this type of operation is precisely whether the companies involved in this process have a registered office in the same country, or if, on the contrary,

How to set up a company

How to set up a company: the most important legal aspects

In a world marked by the idea that nowadays it is more important to create jobs than to find them, we have witnessed the growth in the number of entrepreneurs who decide to set up their own company. This article will analyze the steps and requirements needed to set up a business:

What do I need to set up a company?

The first stop in setting up a company is to analyze the legal aspects of a company, depending on the type of company chosen. In accordance with the above, and to avoid an excessively dense article,


How to register a trademark in Spain

First of all, we have to define the concept of trademarks. Trademarks are signs allowing business people to distinguish their products or services from the products or services of competitors.

On the other hand, it is necessary to know the difference between trademarks and trade names and corporate names:

  • Trade names are signs or denominations identifying a company in trade activities and serve to identify it, separate it and distinguish it from other companies undertaking identical or similar activities.
  • The corporate name is the name that identifies a legal entity in mercantile operations as the subject in legal relations and is therefore subject to rights and obligations.
leveraged buy out

Leveraged buy out: all you need to know

Do you know what leveraged buy out means? From a conceptual point of view, the concept of leverage refers to the relationship between the level of own resources and the level of external resources to be used when acquiring a given asset.

Focusing on the subject matter of this blog, and from a strict point of view of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), leverage is the relationship between the company’s own assets, or rather, the equity used to promote a sale and external resources in the form of loans or similar that the acquiring company requests to pay part of the price.

Como constituir una startup

How to set up a Startup

Are wondering how to set up a Startup? To know the needs and problems that a Startup have to deal with, we will analyse and develop its different phases and stages through the life of these companies goes, with a potential growth and highlighted needs.

The different stages of a Startup

If you are planning on settiing up an startup is important that you get to know the different stages of a startups and its characteristics.

The different stages of a Startup are:

  1. Seed Stage
  2. Early Stage
  3. Growth Stage
  4. Expansion Stage
  5. Exit

Seed Stage

Also known as the stage of the “sketch”,