software agreements

Software agreements

Elaboration and negotiation of software agreements: Software contracting has changed in recent years and has led to a paradigm shift in it due to the development of the Internet and mobile devices.

Our services in this area are mainly focused on the drafting or modification of those contracts that have as their main object a computer good or service.

It is increasingly common for companies to create their own apps or, when appropriate, web platforms with very different functionalities. At Letslaw we advise our clients on such projects, providing them with information and dealing with legal considerations.

We assist our clients in the operation of databases, the marketing of hosting or the maintenance of systems or servers, among others. Writing license agreements and contracts or advising on those that already exist.

We also carry out negotiations for the elaboration of a contract between the parties. In addition to advising our clients on compliance with existing standards in this sector by strengthening the protection of intellectual property and regulatory compliance.

The services we most commonly work on are:

  • Development of contracts, user license contracts, maintenance contracts, as well as software consultancy.
  • Free software and legal implications of third-party code libraries and their different licenses.
  • Software protection through the Safe Creative system or before the Intellectual Property Registry.
  • Cloud computing: Preparation of general contracting conditions for these services, regardless of the deployment model (IaaS, SaaS, etc.).
  • Legal assistance during the website design process: Participation in the development of websites, carrying out coordination with the developers in order to guarantee the legal obligations from the beginning.
  • Applications: Analysis of the suitability of the apps and policies of the main platforms, as well as drafting the corresponding legal notices.
  • Contracts for the purchase and rental of hardware.
  • Service level agreement (SLA).
  • Outsourcing contracts.
  • Hosting and housing contracts.

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