legal advice for digital advertising

Legal advice for digital advertising

At Letslaw we offer you legal advice for comprehensive digital advertising. Advertising is one of the fundamental aspects that a company must take into account in order to make itself known. In this way they will be able to stand out from their competitors in such a competitive market where there are so many media outlets.

If an inadequate management is carried out, the advertising campaigns can turn from being profitable to becoming a problem. These can include infringements of consumer rights, various claims for misleading, illegal or even unfair advertising.

On the other hand, it can sometimes result in something worse. Cases such as a crisis in the company’s reputation that may affect the brand or image.

The evolution of the Internet and new technologies has led to the determination of online advertising as a vital requirement for any company that wants to make a name for itself in today’s market.

We are aware of the needs, on the one hand, of the companies that proceed to advertise and, on the other hand, of the advertising agencies. We advise them on both their advertising and promotional campaigns. In each of its phases, both nationally and internationally.

Thanks to advertising, a greater visibility, business and market is obtained. This investment, like all investments, requires legal certainty to ensure success and eliminate or reduce the risks that may exist if we do not comply with the regulations. Such as data protection infringement, infringement of copyright and related rights, unfair competition, misleading advertising, infringement of industrial property rights, etc.

A good contract is necessary for a successful advertising campaign. That is why we draft and carry out negotiations on agreements for all types of advertising media, whether it be press, television, social networks, etc.

The services provided by Letslaw in this area of legal advice for digital advertising are

  • Advice on the application of laws in the field of advertising.
  • Advice on legal obligations in advertising.
  • Advice on advertising campaigns to data protection regulations.
  • Drafting of creation and sponsorship contracts.

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