Corporate compliance lawyers

Corporate compliance lawyer

You know what a corporate compliance lawyer can do for you? The legislative change produced by the Organic Law 5/2010 of June 22nd, introduced in our country one of the most substantial modifications in the corporate criminal law since the approval of the Criminal Code of 1995, the criminal liability of legal entities.

This change includes the possibility for legal entities to be held criminally liable in two situations:

  • When their legal representative or administrator has committed an offence on behalf and for the benefit of the legal person.
  • When, in the exercise of corporate activities on behalf and for the benefit of the legal person, the offence has been committed by one or more employees. As well as when the punishable act has been committed because the legal representatives or administrators of the company do not exercise due control over their person and activity.

This new scenario implies that companies must comply with the fundamental obligation of control by their legal representatives, through the implementation of systems of control of regulatory compliance and crime prevention in order to avoid condemnation of the legal person and with the help of corportate compliance lawyers.

In order to avoid exposure to the consequences of these crimes, companies are obliged to know the legal requirements and their representatives are obliged to comply with the need to establish due controls over their activity and employees. In this context, being helped by a corporate compliance lawyer is the best solution to ensure the legal advice you need.

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