international patent registration

Registration of patents, utility models and industrial designs

Learn more about our international patent registration service. Inventions offer technical solutions to everyday problems and patents grant an exclusive right to protect the asset that can be commercially exploited, for a limited time, in exchange for disclosing your invention.

The registration of the patent prevents third parties from manufacturing, selling or using it without prior consent.

Notwithstanding the above, not all inventions and creations are patentable in industrial property matters. Since it must be a novel creation or invention. As well as involving an activity and inventive capacity on the part of its author, with an industrial application and to be seen on a “patentable” object. In addition, it must be requested from the competent authorities or bodies, fulfilling a series of requirements to train them. Therefore, in addition to patents, there are different modalities of protection for these creations such as utility models or industrial designs.

We have a team of professionals specialized in advising on the best protection strategy. Starting with a study of the registration background. We also analyze the most appropriate protection modality in each case, both at a national level and the possibility of registering the creation at an international level. Always taking into account the interests of our clients, to later start with the process of preparing the appropriate and precise documentation to make the application and proceed to the registration of protectable inventions.

In this way, our clients can gain an advantage over their competitors.

  • Advice, research and evaluation of existing patents and utility models prior to registration.
  • Drafting of reports in relation to the patentability of the creation or invention, the existence of a possible violation of patent law, the commercial viability of that invention, etc.
  • Drafting and filing of Patent and Utility Model applications. Both in Spain and at a European level or in any other country in the world before the different national and international authorities such as the OEPM, EPO and PCT.
  • Processing of European patent validation in Spain.
  • Preparation and presentation of the report and forms.

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