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Tax advice in mergers and acquisitions

We offer a comprehensive advisory service in corporate operations, provided by a highly qualified team in all types of business restructuring, mergers and spin-offs, from a commercial, accounting and tax point of view, accompanying our clients throughout the entire process of the operation.

We have extensive experience in the planning and execution of acquisitions, mergers and spin-offs, both internally between companies in the same group and between independent companies, advising both buyers and sellers in the different areas in which the parties may be affected by this type of operation.

We provide comprehensive advice at all stages of each process, from the evaluation of an investment opportunity to the closing of the sale and purchase or merger of companies:

We can advise you on the different procedures or operations that this type of transaction entails, among which we can highlight:

  • Comprehensive advice on the due diligence processes of companies, assets or businesses that will allow us to gain greater knowledge of the target to be acquired.
  • Drafting, negotiation and execution of Joint Venture agreements or any other alliance that may be necessary for the specific case.
  • Advice on the acquisition of all types of companies, either through the purchase of the shares or holdings themselves, through the merger of companies or, where appropriate, through a capital increase.
  • Restructuring operations of groups of companies with the aim of achieving the optimum structure for each case.
  • Corporate restructuring: mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, cash contributions, contributions of branches of activity, changes of tax residence, exchanges of securities, increase or reduction of share capital, etc.
  • Analysis of tax contingencies through due diligence processes.
  • Advice on exits to listed markets.

Corporate transactions and structural modifications

  • Capital increases and contributions
  • Transfers
  • Transformation of companies
  • Company mergers
  • Spin-offs and segregations
  • International transfer of domicile operations

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