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Lawyer mediation and arbitration

At Letslaw we have a team with extensive training and experience in national and international arbitration.

In this regard, at Letslaw we try to ensure that disputes between parties are resolved through extra-procedural means that result in greater benefit for our clients, whether through arbitration, mediation or conciliation procedures, since these extrajudicial processes have the following advantages over the judicial process:

  • Autonomy and freedom of the parties to agree on the rules that will govern the resolution of the dispute, and the existence of greater flexibility in the procedure;
  • Choice of arbitrators specialized in the subject matter of the dispute by the parties and, consequently, greater certainty in obtaining a more technical, precise and appropriate resolution to the dispute in question;
  • Efficiency and greater speed in obtaining the decision. In other words, the award is normally obtained within a period of six months, without being subject to appeal. Notwithstanding the above, an award can only be annulled before the ordinary courts and only on specific grounds;
  • Enforcement of the award. An arbitral award is final and enforceable in any country, depending on the bilateral treaties on recognition and enforcement of foreign awards available in the country where the arbitration was held;
  • Confidentiality of all the proceedings carried out in an arbitration procedure.

Bearing in mind the above, at Letslaw we advise on all arbitration proceedings and from all perspectives: counsel for the parties, independent experts in Spanish law, the appointment of arbitrators, legal assistance in matters of evidence, applications for interim measures, actions for annulment, recognition or enforcement of the award.

The services that Letslaw offers our clients in the areas of Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation are as follows:

  • Prevention and amicable resolution of disputes between companies and between companies and individuals, through prior negotiation processes with the parties.
  • Advice and adaptation of the procedure to be followed depending on the needs and requirements of our clients.
  • Legal assistance in national and international arbitration.
  • Proceedings for annulment, review and enforcement of awards.
  • Advice on pre-arbitration and post-arbitration proceedings.
  • Advice and organisation of mediation processes.
  • Advice and organisation of conciliation processes.

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