asesoramiento fiscal internacional

International tax advice

Our highly experienced team, in collaboration with our partners in our international network, is available to advise on the complex task of efficiently planning the internationalization of any business.

In such a globalized economy, international tax planning schemes that minimize the tax burden deriving from operations carried out in other territories are of great importance, with particular emphasis on the role of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements and multilateral agreements (European Union Directives) in direct taxation, and the Community Directives on tariffs and Value Added Tax in indirect taxation.

An in-depth knowledge of these regulations and the determination of how they are applied to the specific situation of each company, taking into account the country of origin or destination of the investment, are essential elements for achieving the maximum reduction of the tax burden affecting each business.

We advise on investment structures that guarantee an optimization of taxation in the different countries in which the company operates.

We offer optimal advice, based on our extensive knowledge of the different tax laws, as well as the functioning of international transactions and structures.

  • Advice on internationalization processes, to establish the international structure of the company and its subsequent management and control at all levels.
  • Global advice to our clients with international projection aimed at detecting opportunities for tax optimization and identifying the risks of incurring excessive taxation.
  • Spanish investments abroad: Determination of the optimal legal and tax structure (according to the objective of the investment), implementation and monitoring of the investment (in coordination with our foreign collaborators).
  • Advice and management of subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies in Spain:
    • Legal and tax planning. Optimization of the structure.
    • Tax management and Double Taxation Agreements.
    • Accounting management and reporting to the parent company.
    • Compliance with formal obligations.
    • Representation before the tax authorities.
  • Tax optimization alternatives for certain operations and/or investments, treatment of taxation of savings, treatment of transfer prices, operations carried out in or with tax havens.

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