registrar lmarca de mi empresa

Registering my Company’s Trademark

Conducting an earlier search is not a real obligation for those filing a trade mark with the aim of getting it registered. However, it is essential to make sure that there is no earlier similar or identical trade mark. Unfortunately, not all applicants usually carry out this type of research, both because of the difficulty of such research and because there is a widespread conviction that this should be done ex officio by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

In fact, trademarks are granted without any prior examination, so, from this point of view, they do not guarantee the holder in the slightest. There are several ways to start a prior search. In the Chambers of Commerce of each province, it is possible to do one by consulting the national database. However, this type of research does not offer much security and the Ministry itself warns about the uncertainty of the data obtained, which could be incomplete. Even in the best case scenario, a search in the national database offers no guarantee for the mere fact that it only contains Spanish trademarks, missing all trademarks registered in other countries of the world, including EU and international trademarks with effects in Spain.

Therefore, for a serious and exhaustive research, the trademark applicant should turn to a firm specialized in the registration of trademarks such as ours, which for this specific service uses international databases from around 40 countries.

A research of this type, carried out for a not high cost that may vary according to the territories to be covered by the trademark, is guaranteed to be around 90%, and is the only one that can offer the holder of your future trademark an almost complete picture of the registration panorama related to the name or logo that you intend to protect and register.

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