Lawyers for shareholders agreements

Lawyers for shareholders’ agreements

We know that the relationship between the shareholders and the existence of a good shareholders’ agreement directly influences decision-making in the daily course of the company.

For this purpose, we provide our clients with advice on the development and negotiation of different mechanisms for a comprehensive regulation of the relations between the shareholders themselves. As well as the relations of the shareholders with the company. With the aim of being able to resolve possible conflict situations that may arise.

For this reason, in Letslaw we advise our clients in the processes of negotiation, preparation and drafting of contracts or agreements of shareholders, syndication of shares, family protocols and other parasocial agreements. We adapt ourselves at all times to the specific characteristics of the case and circumstances presented by each client.

Depending on the specific circumstances of each company, as well as those of its own shareholders, the configuration of the different shareholders’ agreements may vary. Adopting for the clauses an adequate wording to the specific case.

That is why our lawyers recommend and advise the inclusion of the following points as the main clauses when configuring a good partnership agreement:

  • Clauses for qualified majority agreements for adopting decisions.
  • Clauses for partner liabilities.
  • Clauses on partners’ duties.
  • Clause on permanence.
  • Non-competition clause
  • Tag along clause
  • Drag along clause
  • Clauses to prevent a possible blockage in the company
  • Clauses on the consequences of non-compliance with said agreements.

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