Intellectual property course in Spain

The lack of knowledge of intellectual property rights on the Internet has created and implemented problems that may be the use of how to use everything found in the websites (trademarks, images, photographs, documents, designs, Computer programs, databases …) which enjoys legal protection.

The property of intellectual creations belongs to its creator, whether company or individual, so it is necessary to register to have the protection granted by the laws and avoid, therefore, the use and / or exploitation by third parties without our authorization.

In this course, you will be informed about possible exploitation rights or moral rights, through which we will know what rights we have over our intellectual creations or how long our intangibles are protected.

With this course, Letslaw intends to make known the content of the Intellectual Property Law, showing companies, among other things, the effects that can be a poor management of intellectual property, both own and others; the legal limits of the digital domain in relation to intellectual property; the impact on the legal environment of protecting a website, software or databases; computer crimes that may lead to infringements of intellectual property rights; or the existing conflict resolution techniques.