Commercial law firm in Spain

We cover all the stages of the life of a company, both new companies and already consolidated ones, including corporate restructuring advising, dissolutions or liquidations, amendments of the corporate bylaws, accompanying companies in all the phases throughout their career. We take part in the negotiation and elaboration of all types of contracts, analyzing and reviewing existing ones and advising about their potential scope.

From both an economic and social point of view, family business has a great deal of importance in our country. There are three requirements to take into consideration for the proper development and consolidation of a familiar company which are: property, family and management.

Letslaw provides full advice on all legal aspects that may arise in family businesses, which usually need specific answers to very specific situations, regardless of the sector in which they are involved or the type of company in question, with the objective of projecting family unity, achieving business continuity and preserving the heritage that has already been achieved.

  • Negotiation and implementation of social bylaws
  • Partnership and family agreements
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Sale-Purchase of shares
  • Advice on tax repercussions in family businesses
  • Advising and enforcement on family businesses acquisitions or sales
  • Designing and execution of sale and acquisition processes in family business
  • Global advice in labour and commercial insolvency procedures
  • Resolution of litigations and legal proceedings that may affect commercial issues