Social media compliance in Spain

Social Media Compliance refers to corporate online reputation. Social networks play a very important role in everyday life and that is why companies’ aim is to be present in social networks through online marketing campaigns, social media marketing, SEO and SEM strategies, etc. In addition, the human capital of companies, both employees and managers, rely on sites such as Facebook or Twitter for day-to-day of their private lives, but often, it may happen that you do not distinguish between work and their personal life.

Sometimes we are not aware of the power of the Network and the consequences of interacting on it, so it is essential to have clear behavioral guidelines on behavior in different social networks about business and companies.

From Letslaw, we offer a new service of Social Media Compliance, so that companies can effectively and legally manage the opportunities and advantages offered by social networks guaranteeing an adequate management of our corporate online reputation.

  • Assessing of risks that could affect the corporate reputation and image in ​​Social Media
  • Supervision and legal actions against contents that are published on the Internet or social networks that may negatively affect the image of the company
  • Creation of personalized documents for your company
  • Internal policy of behavior in social networks for employees
  • Action guidelines that must consider the different departments of your company in relation to social networks
  • SEO and SEM Agreements
  • Community Manager Agreements and Code of Conduct
  • Advice on the legal framework applicable to social networks.
  • Protection of trademarks on the Internet
  • Legal advice during all phases of social network development
  • Advice for the resolution of legal conflicts with users or third parties
  • Advice of services of social media marketing and public relations online
  • Training your company and its human capital on the use of social networks and legal issues that affect them