Corporate crime prevention in Spain

With the Organic Law 1/2015, of 30 March, it was carried out an important modification of the Spanish Criminal Code, allowing the possibility of legal persons being able to exonerate their criminal responsibility if they fulfill the conditions set out in the second section of art. 31 bis of the Spanish Criminal Code. This measure, besides allowing the exoneration of liability of legal persons, supposes the reinforcement of compliance with all legal requirements. For this, it is necessary that the companies have a legal advisory service and execution of plans for the implementation of crime prevention models of any kind.

  • Identification of possible criminal offenses
  • Procedures for prevention, detection and reaction to possible risks. Action plans
  • Risk management
  • Assistance in the development, implementation and validation of Crime Prevention Plans.
  • Implementation of measures for prevention
  • Review compliance models implemented
  • Writing the corporate compliance program
  • Consultation on compliance-related consultations
  • Corporate defense. Corporate criminal assistance in judicial proceedings that may be initiated