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Debt collection lawyer

Do you know the role of debt collection lawyers? The Letslaw law firm is made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience in any type of debt claims.

In this sense, we have a department dedicated exclusively to defending the economic interests of our clients. So that the debts owed are satisfied as soon as possible.

Likewise, as lawyers for unpaid debts, we advise those companies or individuals who have not been able to meet their financial commitments and must face a judicial or extrajudicial claim.

Our scope of action includes, among others, the following phases of advice on debt collection:

  • Application for payment of monetary debts between private individuals.
  • Claims for bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes.
  • Foreclosure of mortgages.
  • Claims for breach of contract.
  • Claims for labour debts: severance payments, salaries, etc.
  • Claims for non-payment of debts owed by residents’ associations.
  • Claims for non-payment of rent and amounts owed.
  • Claims for civil liability.
  • Claims for alimony.

In this sense, our lawyers will advise you to start the most beneficial legal proceedings in the claim for unpaid debts, taking into account the specific circumstances of each case depending on the events that have occurred. In the first instance, by means of an out-of-court claim, we will contact the debtor by means of a burofax or registered letter to try to resolve the conflict that has arisen without having to go to court, this being the most economically advantageous option for our client, and in this way speeding up the process to recover the amount owed.

In the event that, by extrajudicial means, the desired objective is not achieved, our team of professionals will defend your interests in court. We are fully qualified to advise you during all phases of the procedure.

In this regard, Letslaw will proceed with the filing of the mandatory claim for payment. Once the claim has been filed, the debtor must object in writing to the claim or comply with the requirements alleged by the claimant.

Letslaw will provide a legal advice service in order to facilitate all possible means for the competent judicial body to rule in favour of the client. Not only for the recognition of the existence and ownership of the claimed credit, but also to compel the debtor to pay the contracted debt.

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