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Count on the best legal service for influencers with a lawyer for influencers. We offer you advice on data protection issues, security breach management, hiring third parties in your company and protecting your intellectual property rights.

Legal advice on Personal Data Protection

An influencer, whether if she/he works as a freelancer or has a company, manages a large amount of personal data that can be considered large-scale data.

For which, a lawyer for influencers can offer:

  • The elaboration of an Impact Assessment.
  • Service as a Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • The drafting of a Register of Processing Activities in accordance with the new data protection regulations.
  • Exhaustive compliance with all the requirements imposed by the new regulations on personal data protection.

Management of security breaches

In the event that any account on your social networks is hacked, a series of security barriers are broken which could lead to a security breach due to the leakage of personal data.

In this scenario, it is necessary to take the necessary measures to prevent any security incident and ensure adequate protection. For all this, from Letslaw we propose:

  • To implement the necessary technical and organizational measures at a preventive level.
  • Include the appropriate security procedure in the event of potential security breaches in the Register of Processing Activities document.
  • Management of the security breach with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
  • Repairing the security breach, restoring the state of the account to its previous situation.
  • Undertaking the relevant civil and criminal actions in the event of identity theft and/or phishing.
  • Deal with the social network to close the false accounts that have been created, impersonating the identity of the influencer.
  • Carry out the process of verification of the account in case it has not been obtained so far.

Contracting with third parties

At the level of contracting an influencer, in order to initiate a collaboration, as influencer lawyers we can offer a complete legal advice consisting of:

  • Review of the contracts provided by the agencies or brands to initiate a collaboration with the influencer.
  • Management of image and intellectual property rights.
  • Completing the contracts with all the necessary premises to make the relationship as secure as possible.
  • Limit the responsibility of the influencer in the event of an incident that could lead to a breach of contract.
  • Ensure the civil liability of the influencer.
  • Process any type of subcontracting that you intend to carry out through your company or as a self-employed person for the management of social networks.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

A Letslaw lawyer for influencers can also help influencers to protect their Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, which means:

  • Registration of industrial property rights (trademarks, trade names, designs, etc.).
  • Monitoring of assets on the Internet to detect infringements.
  • Requesting potential infringers for violating the rights of the influencer.
  • Legal management of image rights.

Security services

Get to know all the security services we offer at Letslaw:

Letslaw also offers technical advice for the improvement of security in RRSS

  • Professional use of credentials and password management
  • Effective account privacy management.
  • Elimination of intrusions and malicious applications.
  • Securing access through multiple devices
  • Risk mitigation and implementation of security policies for the different roles that access the account.
  • Identification of malicious profiles and protection of intellectual property

SOC (Security Operations Center) for Social Networks

  • Preventive and active safety monitoring.
  • Identification of malicious applications and bots
  • Protection against attacks, to avoid security incidents.
  • Automated audits on profiles to identify possible security risks.
  • Active security management in profile access networks.

Authenticated digital certifications for Social Networks

  • Authenticated captures of posts and tweets made.
  • Certification of interactions with third parties (threats, harassment, insults, etc.)
  • Automated monitoring for Social Networks, with evidentiary capacity in court.
  • Third party certification, to guarantee the intellectual property and brands represented.
  • It includes an electronic signature, as well as a time stamp to guarantee what is published by a profile in a given moment.


Our firm has professionals with extensive experience in the field of privacy, data protection and information technology and communication / IT. That is why we think we can offer you a professional and complete service based on your requirements.

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