finance lawyers

Finance lawyers

Do you know how finance lawyers can help you?In the 21st century, an entrepreneur and/or businessman must take into account that the current market is very dynamic. For this reason, companies are in constant change, adapting to the demands of the market. Introducing new techniques such as financing rounds.

In order to take advantage of these opportunities generated by a constantly changing market, it is very important to establish financing and investment agreements. By which the entrance of new investors who contribute equity to the company is regulated.

In order for these agreements to be successful, finance lawyers can take into account the interests of all parties. That is, on the one hand those of the investor and on the other hand those of the company’s shareholders.

For Venture Capital or Business Angel it is essential to protect your investment and do everything possible to ensure a return on it. This general approach is embodied in the following essential points:

  • To defend the investment.
  • Facilitate an exit event.
  • Maximize your profits.
  • Build or maintain a solid reputation.
  • Ensure some control over the company’s decision making.
  • Ensure that the developing partners remain in the company.

For their part, the shareholders of the company will seek to protect the following interests:

  • Obtain sufficient financing for their business.
  • Retain as much control over the company as possible.
  • Obtain adequate working and personal conditions.
  • Make the most of the investor’s entry to obtain a greater network of contacts and experience.

When advising on project finance, Letslaw’s fiancer lawyers advise on how to regulate these agreements in detail, in order to be able to take advantage of the benefits offered by the market. With the entry of external equity through the following services:

  • Equity crowdfunding through Fintech platforms.
  • Syndicated loans.
  • Joint ventures.
  • Convertible bonds.
  • Term sheet.
  • Letters of intent (LOI).
  • Memorandum of understanding.

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