Tax advice to companies in Spain

Tax planning has become a fundamental instrument in the current marketplace that can help us obtain significant advantages if we comply with the current legislation, therefore, a correct and personalized advice and continuous monitoring of the customer activity may result in a significant tax burden reduction on all taxes, whether they are at a state, regional or local level.

At Letslaw we assist companies on normative compliance in fiscal and tax laws. Advising our clients into what kind of actions they may need to take, whether they are freelance, associations, foundations and companies of a greater or smaller size, national or international, on reducing risks and responsibilities and providing solutions and improvements in the most possible committed way with the aim of contributing on the development and growth of our customers.

  • Individual, company and non-profit entities taxation
  • Company counselling and fiscal planning
  • Tax planning and tax optimization
  • Risk prevention analysis
  • Investment planning
  • Non-residents tax advising
  • Transfer pricing and commercial transactions between binding parts
  • Local, state and regional taxation
  • Tax inspections and Tax Agency relationship
  • Legal advice in corporate restructuring, mergers, splits…
  • Company trading
  • Creditors ‘meeting
  • Trading companies’ operations
  • Partnership disputes
  • Company dissolution
  • Contract drafting, analysis and review
  • Capital increases and reductions
  • Corporate and shareholder acquisitions
  • Company share trading
  • Making and verification of all documentation necessary in corporate transactions