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Consumer claims lawyer

Letslaw is a law firm specialised in legal claims by consumers, so in the event that the consumer wants to initiate this type of procedure, we provide advice and assistance in court and/or claims, as appropriate.

In the first instance, users and consumers can proceed to complain to the company itself. If the result is not satisfactory, they can complain to the competent administrative authorities.

The administrative body for this type of administrative complaint is the Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) of the corresponding locality or the Directorate General for Consumer Affairs of the specific Autonomous Community.

When a complaint is lodged with these bodies, the Administration initiates a verification procedure and, where appropriate, a sanction. In this case, the Administration acts as a mediator to facilitate an agreement, but this agreement will not be binding.

If the first attempt to reach an agreement fails, recourse may be had to Consumer Arbitration. In this case the ruling will be binding and what is decided will be equivalent to what is established in a judgement.

If the action is unsuccessful or the company does not accept the arbitration, you can also go to court.

Claims through the courts

The consumer may also bring his or her claim before a court of law to obtain a judicial settlement of the dispute.

By virtue of all the possible claims and/or opening of legal proceedings that may arise in this area, Letslaw offers the following services:

  • Analysis and assessment of contractual liability for defective products.
  • Analysis and assessment of contractual liability for poorly rendered services.
  • Actions and proceedings in relation to consumer claims.
  • Initiation, processing and closure of consumer protection cases.
  • Initiation of claims proceedings in matters relating to consumer protection.
  • Request for the nullity of general contracting conditions.
  • Comprehensive advice on consumer matters.

Letslaw can help you to make claims and defend your rights as a consumer against those companies or entities that have infringed your rights, as well as initiate arbitration and judicial proceedings to obtain the satisfaction of your interests as a consumer.

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