Letslaw is an international law firm specialized in all the Commercial Law branches, committed to helping companies to compete in an ever-changing market.

The structure and size of our firm guarantees a personalized service by our partners and main associates delivering efficiency at every step to protect your business.

When you succeed, we succeed because our role is to create value.

José María Baños
José María Baños/Founding Partner of the law firm
Luigi Carlini
Luigi Carlini/Lawyer specialized in Intellectual and Industrial Property
Luis Seoane
Luis Seoane/Lawyer specialized in Intellectual and Industrial Property
Alberto Gómara
Alberto Gómara/Accounts auditor specialist on audits and revision of financial statements
Jorge Riera
Jorge Riera/Lawyer specialized in Tax Law
Emilio Alonso
Emilio Alonso/Lawyer specialized in Legal Proceedings in Industrial Property and Unfair Competition
José María Riera
José María Riera/Lawyer specialized in Insolvency Law and Bankruptcy Administrator
Marcos Fernández
Marcos Fernández/Multidisciplinary Lawyer specialized in Tax Law
Víctor Felipe
Víctor Felipe/Lawyer specialized in Tax Law
José L. Narbona
José L. Narbona/Telematics Engineer specialist in Cybersecurity
Ainhoa Manero
Ainhoa Manero/Lawer specialized in Immigration Law
Elena Portabales
Elena Portabales/Lawyer specialized in Intellectual Property Law
Marta Díaz
Marta Díaz/Lawyer specialized in Intellectual Property Law
Nerea Valiño
Nerea Valiño/Abogada especializada en Propiedad Intelectual, Industrial y Nuevas Tecnologías.
Carlos Vivar
Carlos Vivar/Abogado especializado en Derecho Mercantil
Clara Rodriguez
Clara Rodriguez/Lawyer specialized in Data Protection and Corporate Compliance
Márcio Cots
Márcio Cots/Brazilian lawyer and professor.
Francisco Fernández
Francisco Fernández/Lawyer specialized in Legal Advice of Companies

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