Online Sweepstakes

Online Sweepstakes

In Letslaw we offer specialized legal support on how to conduct an online sweepstakes to clients who wish to promote their brand in the online environment using sweepstakes and contests on the Internet or social networks.
Nowadays many companies use sweepstakes and contests on the Internet or social networks to promote their products and services. In this way it is possible to make your brand known in the market, obtaining a great reach and advertising to a multitude of users.

However, we must not forget the legal point of view for the organizing companies. Those who decide to reward the loyalty of their customers by organizing a sweepstakes on the Internet or organizing a contest. There are several points that must be taken into account to carry out any promotion through these means.

In this sense, first of all, we must distinguish the concept of contest from that of asweepstakes. The main difference is that the sweepstakes is that free promotion in which the selection of the winner is the result of a random combination. That is, the winner or winners are chosen solely by chance. On the other hand, the contest is a promotion where the participation is free and the winner is chosen according to his technical, artistic or intellectual capacities, aptitudes or abilities or any other competition that the organizer of the promotion had indicated in the legal bases.

Another difference is the tax obligations. At Letslaw we have lawyers specialised in tax law who offer guidance on tax law in the field of promotions.

In order to hold sweepstakes and contests, it will be necessary to draw up the legal bases of the sweepstake or contest, in which the mechanics of participation and conditions of the same are reflected.

Taking into account the above, we must always distinguish between a national and an international sweepstakes, as there are great differences depending on the territory where it is held.

At Letslaw we are familiar with the regulations of the gaming sector, which allows us to provide our clients with specific legal advice for holding sweepstakes, contests, raffles, etc.