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The Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI) includes the obligation to have certain legal texts adapted to the provisions of these regulations.

The adaptation of the LSSI is a task that must be carried out by all companies with a Web Site and/or Mobile Application. According to Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI). This law contains a list of obligations, responsibilities, infringements and sanctions.

These apply to all companies and individuals. Regardless of whether they are “e-Commerce” platforms, where the user makes purchases online, or whether they are merely corporate platforms.

The adaptation of these platforms to the LSSI in relation to the duty to inform users through legal texts must be carried out by their owners with the aim of avoiding possible sanctions.

These may be imposed by the various authorities with sanctioning powers in this respect (i.e. the Ministry of Economy and Business through the Secretary of State for Digital Progress and, in some cases, the Spanish Data Protection Agency and the Intellectual Property Commission) and may range from 30,000 Euros for the slightest infringements to 600,000 Euros for those infringements which are considered very serious by the regulations.

In this sense, from Letslaw we advise you on how to comply with all the obligations related to the duty to inform users. We guarantee companies and individuals who own digital platforms the adaptation of the LSSI and their compliance by drafting appropriate legal texts and other relevant actions.

In this way, some of the work that Letslaw carries out with its clients for their correct adaptation to the LSSI are the following:

  • Legal notices containing all the information required by the LSSI for each owner of a Web
  • Site and/or Mobile Application
  • Advice and management of all types of digital platforms
  • Report on the changes required to adapt to legal regulations. With regard to the duty to inform users by the owners of digital platforms
  • Drafting of legal texts regarding the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy of the Websites and/or Mobile Applications. Adapting them to the characteristics and needs of each company. As well as the writing of the instructions corresponding to their correct web implementation.

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