Lawyers for phantom shares and stock options

At Letslaw we believe in the importance of human capital as one of the most important resources to be taken into account in a company. To reward it, we help you developing remuneration plans through phantom shares and stock options.

For this reason, incentive plans can be established both for the recruitment and for the retention of different people that the shareholders of a company may consider essential for the value they provide to the company.

Although this decision depends on each company or on the understanding of each appropriate partner, most often these people who enter these incentive plans are usually directors, managers, workers or other strategic partners for the development, operation and growth of the company.

In this regard, Letslaw’s lawyers are highly experienced in the development and drafting of diverse incentive plans. Both for the preparation of compensation plans through phantom shares and stock options.

The legal advice of our lawyers on incentive plans includes, in addition to the drafting of the relevant phantom shares and/or stock options incentive plan, the following documents which must be available to the company to accompany the various incentive plans that the company would like to subscribe to:

  • Term sheet
  • Agreement to join the incentive plan
  • Drafting a code of conduct for the company
  • Drafting of the minutes of decisions of the governing body for the allocation of the relevant incentive plans
  • Drafting of the minutes of approval of the relevant incentive plans