transfers of rights and licenses

Contracts, Transfers of Rights and Licenses

Intellectual property seeks to protect literary, artistic and scientific works. Such as books, pamphlets, musical compositions, dramatic and drama-musical works, choreographies, plays, films, plastic works, computer programs, etc.

Industrial property, on the other hand, is made up of a set of rights that a natural or legal person may possess over an invention, an industrial design, a distinctive sign, etc. Industrial property rights include, for example, trademarks, patents or industrial designs and drawings.

The licensing of these rights can often be a vital component of the business strategy of their holders. Intellectual and industrial property rights are playing an important role in the economy. The assignment of these rights is the most common way for their holders to make their rights economically profitable.

A contract for the transfer of intellectual property rights consists on an agreement between a rights holder (licensor) and a third party (licensee). By means of this agreement, the holder of intellectual property rights assigns to the licensee the use of a series of economic rights over its creation, either through the setting of a price or free of charge.

Through the contract for the transfer of industrial property rights, the owner or holder of an industrial property right (assignor) assigns or transfers to a third party (assignee) the ownership of such rights in exchange for a price or free of charge.

In practice, these assignments can be developed through a multitude of types of contract depending on the nature and peculiarity of each case.

At Letslaw, we offer a service of drawing up and negotiating contracts for the transfer of rights and licenses adapted to the needs of each client.

In order to meet our clients’ requirements, we focus on identifying all rights holders, as well as the characteristics of their assets and the estimation of their economic value. In this way, we establish the appropriate legal business to obtain the greatest benefit with the best guarantees.

Among our main services, you will find:

  • Drafting and/or reviewing license agreements for the use of intellectual property rights.
  • Drafting and/or reviewing contracts for the assignment of rights to trademarks, patents and other industrial property rights.
  • Assignment of image rights.
  • Contractual negotiations.
  • Legal advice on breach of contract.
  • Negotiations and out-of-court settlements.
  • Legal representation before courts or arbitration bodies.
  • Creative Commons licenses.
  • Unfair competition and piracy.
  • Legal advice on issues related to the transfer of rights.
  • Development of strategies for the protection of intangibles.
  • Our team of professionals consists of a group of lawyers specialized in intellectual and industrial property who have extensive experience in matters related to the protection and defense of intangibles.

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