legal advice on marketing

Legal advice on marketing

Digital marketing combines and uses different strategies in online media to promote marketing. Currently, most companies choose this type of means to advertise or communicate directly with users or consumers.

For this reason, it has been essential to adapt it to the current legislation. With all this, the legal progress is much slower than the evolution of the world 2.0.

Right now, the increase in advertising investment in digital media is unstoppable. This is probably due, in large part, to the great dynamism of this sector.

We find various concepts such as SEO, SEM, or Influencers that are already common in the known language and that require in this case a specific legal advice.

Having legal advice before starting campaigns allows companies to avoid future problems. Furthermore, they will be able to apply the latest legal developments to their projects, providing security and avoiding the risks of not complying with regulations.

We work with companies and also agencies of various magnitudes, both large multinationals and startups.

In LetsLaw we offer advice to different companies so that they can adapt their marketing strategies to the current legislation, both nationally and internationally. We provide the legal security needed for all kinds of projects and actions.

For this reason, our services relating to online marketing are based on

  • Adaptation of marketing campaigns to the Data Protection Law.
  • Drafting of contracts for digital marketing campaigns.
  • Legal advice for compliance with regulations in online marketing actions.
  • Legal advice for the correct processing and management of cancellations.
  • Legal advice on the acquisition of registrations.
  • Management of the Big Data to be able to personalize the advertising campaigns as much as possible.
  • Guaranteeing the legal security of marketing on social networks and clarifying the limits on the storage or use of information from leads or social profiles.
  • Advice on native or branded content advertising, analyzing the legality of these actions, since in these cases agencies and advertisers can capture the attention of consumers by integrating advertising messages directly into the content.

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