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Lawyers and arbitration

At Letslaw our main mission is to defend the rights and interests of our clients. In this regard, we have extensive experience in legal assistance in contentious and judicial matters, with lawyers trained to act in all judicial instances.

In this regard, at Letslaw we have lawyers specialising in legal proceedings and claims, with extensive experience in legal advice for the filing of the most appropriate legal actions for the interests of our clients at all times, as well as for the defence and action in court in civil, commercial, criminal and contentious-administrative proceedings.

Notwithstanding the above, at Letslaw, prior to the commencement of any legal action, we try to offer out-of-court solutions that save time and resources to our clients through negotiation and conciliation, often achieving solutions in the specific matters of our clients, avoiding in many of these cases to go to court.

The services that Letslaw offers our clients in the field of legal claims are as follows:

  • Payment order proceedings. The purpose of these proceedings is to speed up the collection of overdue, liquid, determined and enforceable monetary debts. At Letslaw, we are specialists in procedures for claims for payment with a high percentage of success for our clients.
  • Ordinary or Verbal Judgment. The filing of one or the other procedure will depend on the determination of the amount to be claimed. At Letslaw we take care of the drafting and filing of the claim, as well as any formalities and advice to the client that may arise during the process, both ordinary and verbal.
  • Foreign Exchange Judgment. From Letslaw we also proceed to the claim of debts accrued from the non-payment of a bill of exchange, that is, when a bill of exchange, such as cheques or promissory notes, is unpaid.
  • Corporate disputes. Letslaw provides preventive advice for all those corporate conflicts that may arise for our clients within the framework of their business structure and activities, through the implementation of action protocols (implementation of mediation systems, drafting of shareholders’ agreements, defence of minority or majority shareholders against those shareholders who hold a greater or lesser percentage of shares, challenging corporate agreements, etc.).
  • Proceedings for the enforcement of judgments. Once the legal proceedings in progress have concluded, it is sometimes necessary to initiate legal proceedings for the enforcement of judgments. Letslaw also carries out this type of proceedings to satisfy the interests of our clients.

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