legal advice for pensioners

Lawyers specializing in retirement and pensions

From Letslaw we help companies to comply with regulations on labour and social security matters. We offer specialized advice on a case-by-case basis according to the specific needs of each client.

As Social Security beneficiaries, workers have a series of benefits at their disposal. Letslaw has a team of lawyers specialising in Labour and Social Security Law who have a great deal of experience in representing and assisting in Social Security Courts, as well as in advising on Social Security management, specifically about:

  • Retirement, partial retirement and pre-retirement pensions: Management and calculation of the processing of retirement benefits, whether it be ordinary retirement, forced retirement due to age or early retirement for reasons not attributable to the worker or due to disability.
  • Widow’s pensions, orphan’s pensions, disability pensions.
  • Work incapacity: Procedures for obtaining any benefit and pension for absolute permanent incapacity, qualified total permanent incapacity, total permanent incapacity, partial permanent incapacity, disability.
  • Processing from the application for incapacity for work to the administrative or judicial resolution.
  • Leave due to occupational accident, leave due to common illness, leave due to occupational illness, transitory incapacity for work.
  • Maternity and paternity leave, reductions in working hours, breastfeeding, childcare allowance.
  • Processes for claiming social security benefits.
  • Assistance and representation and defence in lawsuits.
  • Advice on labour conciliation and workers’ rights.

In all of the above cases, the specific circumstances of each worker must be taken into account and a detailed study carried out, since the regulations on labour relations and social security undergo numerous modifications, which could place the worker in a more detrimental position. Therefore, he or she must be correctly advised and have a specialized and qualified professional team.

At Letslaw we offer personalised advice that is adapted to the circumstances of each client. We are specialists in offering assistance on any matter relating to social security, as well as providing advice on all issues arising from the existence of an employment contract, such as dismissals, changes in working conditions, advice to human resources, assistance with labour inspections, prevention of occupational hazards, etc.

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