IVA para e-commerce

VAT advice for e-commerce and distance sales

We help to identify, from a tax point of view, the type of activity to be carried out, providing global coverage, in order to efficiently comply with all the tax obligations arising from it, both in Spain and in other countries that may be subject to taxation. Our advice is constant and continuous over time, adapting at all times to changes in the market and in legislation.

We offer a specialized service in e-commerce, understanding the business model, informing ourselves and learning to be able to detect the areas where good advice is important. We are clear that the limitations and advantages of online businesses are different and therefore we adapt our offer of consultancy services to the needs of our clients.

Specialised intra-community VAT services

We have a team ready to assist our clients in the prior planning, analysis and advice on indirect taxes, both in the activity of online sales and national investments, as well as in their expansion abroad.

  • We advise on the correct application of VAT in distance sales and one-stop-shop regimes.
  • Advice on the application of VAT on distance sales to other EU countries.
  • We advise foreign companies that make distance sales from other European Union countries to the Spanish territory where the tax is applicable.
  • VAT filing and compliance. Each VAT return is different, we will help you with the different reporting requirements, as well as with the different forms (303, 322, 390, 349, 369, 368, etc.). Our team of tax lawyers that specialize in compliance will handle all periodic returns.
  • Planning and advice for companies under the SII – Immediate Supply of
  • VAT Information, VAT registration books.
  • Management of sales through Amazon and other electronic channels.
  • Personalised advice; VAT registration and declaration; and tax regularisation services in the main European countries.

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