Cybersecurity law firms in Spain

At present, cybersecurity has become a necessity for all those companies integrated in the electronic commerce because of the numerous threats that may occur.

From Letslaw, we advise companies on how to prepare for these potential threats and for the dangers of the Network. Our role is to design a strategy to prevent attacks, offering services to protect your information, quickly detecting infringements and effectively responding to attacks to minimize potential damages. In addition, we take care of legal assistance in the face of rights violations and fraud in the digital world.

  • Advice for the prevention of Internet fraud
  • Support and support in cyber-security exercises
  • Protection of intangibles
  • Adaptation of the company to the National Security Scheme
  • Counseling and legal assistance in the face of scams and fraud carried out over the internet
  • Legal assistance in case of violations of rights, disclosure of secret information or unconscious storage of private data