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Labour lawyers

At Letslaw we have highly experienced and qualified labour lawyers who can provide solutions and advice on any issue related to labour law. Both for employees and employers. We provide the necessary solutions for our clients with the greatest possible dedication and professionalism.

Labour legislation is subject to constant change, so being up to date in this area and being flexible when studying it is essential for professionals in the sector.

In this sense, it is equally essential that both companies and workers are legally advised in all matters relating to the application of labour and social security regulations from a multidisciplinary approach. Providing innovative solutions to the issues raised.

Our services as labour lawyers consist of providing advice to national and multinational companies. Our aim is accompanying our clients in the management of labour relations. Complying with the labour and social security regulations in force at any given time.

To this end, experience has shown that it is essential to acquire a deep knowledge of the business and the business reality of each client and that the professionals assigned to it adapt to it, maintaining fluid and permanent communication.

Labour lawyers for companies

  • Labour contracts and special working conditions.
  • Senior management: contracts, special agreements, golden parachute and non-competition clauses, inclusion in the company’s organic structure, removal of senior managers, etc.
  • Advice on social security contributions and information on applicable incentives or benefits derived from hiring.
  • Social Security protection and complementary social welfare.
  • Internal flexibility measures and, in particular, geographical and functional mobility and substantial modifications to individual working conditions.
  • Advice on specific worker situations (maternity/paternity, leave of absence, temporary disabilities, measures to reconcile family and working life, etc.).
  • Advice on the obligation to hire disabled workers.
  • Advice on international travel of workers (labour and Social Security aspects).
  • Suspensions and extinctions of individual labour relations, both on the basis of objective and disciplinary cases.
  • Advice on contracting or providing services with third parties and temporary employment agencies.

 Legal-labour advice to individuals

Similarly, the extensive experience of our labour lawyers allows them to defend the interests of our clients in court and to find the most appropriate solution to their needs, offering personal and close advice in all matters arising from labour and social security relations.

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