International Sweepstakes

International Sweepstakes

Do you know how to carry out an international sweepstakes to promote your business?

It is increasingly common, especially in the digital environment, that those companies that want to enhance their image and brand and encourage users of their website to publicize the use of the portal, do so through the implementation of promotional sweepstakes.

The scope of the online sweepstakes, the ease of participation and the virality through social networks goes beyond our borders. Therefore, we must take into account what this represents for the brands. Since it means managing the sweepstakes, its results, communication with the winners and, most importantly, the efficient management of large volumes of data, among others.

The legislation applicable in the conduct of an international sweepstakes will be each of the different national laws of the countries in which the sweepstake takes place.

In this way and for an online sweepstake to be reliable in Spain, France, Italy, or any other country in the world, a series of legal requirements must be taken into account. These will depend on the regulations applicable in each of the countries in which the promotion is to be carried out.

At Letslaw we have a highly specialised legal consultancy service for international sweepstakes, through which we provide our clients with a complete analysis of the legal requirements that must be met for the correct holding of sweepstakes in accordance with each of the national legislations where the promotion is to be carried out, and which include:

  • Advice on the need to obtain an administrative authorisation or licence to hold sweepstakes.
  • Advice on the deadline and documentation required to obtain authorisation to hold sweepstakes and promotional contests for free participation
  • Advice on the formal requirements, such as the need to have a legal basis, necessary for the organization of sweepstakes and promotional contests for free participation
  • Advice on the existence of any additional legal specifications for the holding of sweepstakes and promotional contests for free participation
  • Advice on tax and data protection
  • Consequences of non-compliance and penalty regime applicable in each case

In addition, we provide on-site legal services through our extensive network of partners around the world. This includes the actual processing of the necessary authorisations or licences, as well as the fulfilment of the other necessary requirements in the following countries:

Europe: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Estonia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, Greece, America: United States, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Peru, Chile

Asia: Singapore, Shanghai, Vietnam, India, India
Africa: Turkey, Madagascar
Oceania: Australia

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