Data Protection Officer in Spain

Among the obligations contained in the recent General Regulations on Data Protection for companies is the need to have an expert on data protection, called Data Protection Officer. The DPO can be in the staff of the company or be hired as an outsider. DPO should be a data protection expert.

In Letslaw we have this figure of the Data Protection Officer to carry out all the necessary actions to comply with the new Regulation.

  • Advice on compliance with the privacy and data protection regulations of organizations, institutions, companies or corporations
  • Information and advice to the data controller and employees with access to data about their obligations
  • Supervision of the implementation and application of the company’s policies regarding personal data protection
  • Supervision of the implementation and application of the regulations
  • Allocation of responsibilities and training of personnel involved in treatment operations
  • Advice on impact assessment related to data protection
  • Cooperation with the supervisory authority
  • Respond to requests from the Spanish Data Protection Agency