Employment contracts lawyers in Spain

A labour contract is an agreement between the employer and worker by which the worker is obliged to provide certain services on behalf of the employer and under his or her guidance in exchange of a remuneration. This type of contract involves the legal rights and obligations of the worker that will become rights and obligations for the employer.

At Letslaw, we offer professional advice and support in this type of contract negotiations, in addition to reviewing existing contracts and the drafting of new ones, always aiming to achieve a contract in accordance with the law that guarantees the best conditions for both parties involved, also giving advice on all issues that may arise from the existence of this newfound agreement such as dismissals, modification of working conditions, etc.

  • Labour contracting
  • Disciplinary dismissals
  • Labour disputes such as collective disputes or strikes
  • Substantial modifications of the working conditions
  • Exclusivity, non-competition and confidentiality agreements
  • Supervision and reviewing of labour contracts
  • Incidents report elaboration, evaluation and advising to personnel management improvement
  • Human resources counselling
  • Occupational risks prevention
  • Assistance in labour inspections