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Your Gateway to Spain: Secure a Golden Visa with our Expert Assistance

Navigating the international investment scene can be a daunting endeavor, but with our comprehensive legal expertise, we assure you that we’re well equipped to facilitate your journey. We’re fervent about helping actualize your Spanish aspirations. Whether it’s procuring a Golden Visa for you or ensuring your family members join you on this adventure, we’ve got you covered.

As the scope for global investment opportunities expands, we’re enthusiastic about making your transition to Spain as smooth as possible. Below we’ve curated essential information, but remember, our team stands ready to guide you through each step of the process.

The Golden Visa is ideally suited for non-EU nationals who are willing to make a significant financial investment in Spain. This visa accommodates various types of investments:

  • Real Estate: Investing at least €500,000 in Spanish real estate, which can be distributed amongst residential or commercial properties.
  • Financial Assets: An investment of €1 million in shares of Spanish companies or debt securities of the public sector.
  • Bank Deposits: A deposit of €1 million in Spanish banks.
  • Business Projects: A business project planned to be developed in Spain that is deemed and approved as being of general interest.

And here’s what you need to know:

  • Clean criminal records and unrestricted entry to Spain are mandatory.
  • Comprehensive private health insurance that covers you across Spain must be availed.
  • Demonstrate financial stability with proof of sufficient funds to support your lifestyle in Spain.
  • You should hold a valid passport and should be able to enter Schengen area countries without a visa.
  • It’s necessary to visit Spain at least once during the validity period to maintain the visa.

Discover Tax Benefits Tailored For You with Your Golden Visa

One of the significant benefits of the Golden Visa is the unique tax status it offers. As a holder of this visa, you could potentially qualify for the Beckham Law, a special tax regime designed for foreign workers residing in Spain. Under this law, you are taxed only on income earned within Spain and not on your worldwide income.

Can You Work in Spain with the Golden Visa?

Although the Golden Visa primarily targets investors, it does confer the right to work and live in Spain. This opens up a world of opportunities for you to broaden your horizons and delve into the Spanish job market or even establish your own business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I include my family under the Golden Visa?
    Yes, the Golden Visa allows for immediate family members, including spouse and children under 18 years old, to be included under the same application.
  2. How long does the Golden Visa last?
    Initially, the Golden Visa is valid for three years. After the first three years, it can be renewed for five-year periods, provided the investment is maintained.
  3. Does the Golden Visa lead to Spanish citizenship?
    Yes, after ten years of living in Spain, you can apply for citizenship, provided you meet all the necessary requirements. For nationals of countries with special ties to Spain, such as Latin American countries and the Philippines, the requirement is reduced to two years of residency.
  4. Can I travel within Europe with the Golden Visa?
    Yes, the Golden Visa grants you freedom to travel within the Schengen zone without the need for additional visas.
  5. Can I work with a Golden Visa?
    Yes, the Golden Visa allows you to work and live in Spain, and it also permits you to start your own business.
  6. Are there any residency requirements with the Golden Visa?
    No, there are no minimum stay requirements for the Golden Visa, but you need to visit Spain at least once during the validity period.
  7. What happens if I sell my investment?
    If you sell your investment before the end of the visa period, you may lose your right to renew the Golden Visa.
  8. Can I apply for the Golden Visa from within Spain?
    Yes, you can apply for the Golden Visa while being in Spain on another valid visa.
  9. Can I rent out the property I bought for the Golden Visa?
    Yes, you can rent out the property that you bought as part of your Golden Visa investment.
  10. Do I need to renew my health insurance every year?
    Yes, you need to ensure that your private health insurance is valid and active during your entire stay in Spain.

Navigating international legalities can indeed be complex, but with our guidance, you’ll find the process significantly more navigable. Allow us to help you commence your Spanish adventure today! Contact us to get started with your Golden Visa process. Our expert team is ready to guide you every step of the way.

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