Global strategy on minors, digital health and privacy of the AEPD

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Global strategy on minors, digital health and privacy of the AEPD

Global strategy on minors, digital health and privacy of the AEPD

The AEPD has developed a global strategy on minors that addresses a crucial issue: the protection of minors in the digital environment, especially with regard to digital health and privacy. This initiative is presented at a crucial time, where children and adolescents are increasingly immersed in a digital world.

The AEPD proposes to adopt additional provisions to the Law on Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents in collaboration with the Working Group on “Minors, digital health and privacy”, and will be involved in the formulation of Guidelines on minors in the European Comision of Data Protection. In addition, it will work to regulate the processing of neurodata in services for minors.

Main objectives of the global strategy on minors, digital health and privacy

This global strategy on minors seeks to promote awareness and education on topics such as privacy, personal information management, and the risks associated with sharing data online.

In turn, it focuses on ensuring that minors understand the importance of data protection and how they can protect their personal information, promoting secure data management, both for the personal and professional spheres.

Collaboration with companies and institutions is another essential aspect of this strategy, as it seeks to establish alliances to promote policies and tools that prioritize the privacy and security of minors.

In addition, the strategy includes the promotion of research and development of technologies that guarantee the privacy and security of minors, as well as the promotion of legislation and regulation that protects their rights and privacy in the digital sphere. This initiative is essential to ensure that minors can enjoy the opportunities offered by technology in a safe and secure manner.

Collaboration with companies and institutions

Within the first axis of the strategy, the AEPD is committed to establishing strategic alliances with companies and organizations dedicated to the development and implementation of digital technologies. The objective of these alliances is to promote the adoption of privacy and security practices and policies in the design of products and services aimed at children and adolescents.

This implies not only the consideration of data protection from the beginning of product development, but also active collaboration in the implementation of appropriate technologies and security measures to guarantee the privacy and security of minors.

Protection of minors on digital platforms

It will promote apps to verify age and protect minors from inappropriate content, working with the Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC), the FNMT and other organizations.

Likewise, it will focus on compliance with data protection regulations on educational platforms and will collaborate with INCIBE and INTEF to provide digital training to families.

It will prioritize the regulation of adult websites, especially age verification of minors, and analyze addictive algorithms for minors.In fact, the AEPD has already imposed sanctions on various websites with adult content, has implemented measures to examine how trusted third parties work in age verification, and collaborates with other data protection authorities when companies do not. They have a presence in Spain.

Additionally, it will carry out an analysis of algorithms and addictive patterns that attempt to influence user decisions and behaviors, particularly focusing on minors and their data profiles.

Support for education, health and digital well-being

It will focus on raising awareness about data protection in digital services and will collaborate with institutions and NGOs, and in turn, will provide support to initiatives of Health Administrations and the Spanish Association of Pediatrics to address the impact of inappropriate Internet use on the health of the minors.

In short, the AEPD Strategy seeks to protect the rights of minors in a complex and multidisciplinary digital environment, promoting awareness and collaboration between various public and private actors.

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