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Considerations for creating a giveaways marketing campaign

Giveaways and contests are a great tool to gain awareness of your brand or product and for this you should take into account the considerations for creating a giveaways marketing campaign.

The organizers must know all the keys to carry out this type of action and thus adapt to the applicable legislation and avoid possible sanctions. At Letslaw we offer legal advice on how to carry out giveaways on the internet or social networks.

How to use online contests and giveaways to improve your strategy?

Contests and giveaways are a strategy that should not be lacking in a marketing plan.

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Gambling: What is it and how it is regulated?

Gambling, or regulated game, in Spanish refers to all ‘’activity in which amounts of money or economically assessable objects are risked in any way on future and uncertain results, depending to some extent on chance(..)’’, as it is set in article 3 of Law 13/2011, of May 27, regulated gambling (‘’ Gambling Law’’).

These types of activities are regulated in Spain in the Gambling Law which includes the different existing gambling modalities, as well as in Royal Decree 1613/2011 of November 14 in regard to technical requirements and Royal Decree 1614/2011 of November 14 in relation to requirements to carry out the activity.

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Gambling advertising in Spain

There are news in the regulation of gambling advertising in Spain.  The Council of Ministers approved the ‘Royal Decree on Commercial Information on Gambling Activities which Regulates Advertising in the Online Betting and Gambling Sector in Spain’, which will develop articles 7 and 8 of the ‘Law 13/2011 of May 27, regulating gambling’.

This rule introduces important reforms to the current online sports betting system and completely changes the existing landscape, leaving very little margin for online gambling operators to advertise their services.

Subsequently, the most relevant novelties will be detailed.

International Sweepstakes

International Sweepstakes

The organization of sweepstakes through Internet and Social Networks like Instagram or Facebook is one of the marketing resources most used by advertisers and media agencies to capture leads.

In fact, this is a very useful method to strengthen your company brand and get more visibility between the users.

However, we should consider that it is very important to respect the normative all around the world if we want to get our Brand safe before our competence and the different authorities.

In this article we will expose the main legal issues you must consider in this area.

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GDPR and Online Sweepstakes: 5 Things You Should Know

Do you know the techniques to ensure legal compliance in the development of sweepstakes on websites and social networks? We show you how to keep your online sweepstakes legal.

The legality of online sweepstakes

Promotions in webs and social networks are one of the main pillars of the commercial strategies of the brands. Sweepstakes’ organizers must know how to run online sweepstakes without breaking the law.

That is the reason why the legal bases that regulate the promotion constitute a fundamental part of the sweepstakes. These bases must be always available to users so those who want to participate and wish to read these legal bases can consult them at any time.