Carmen Araolaza

IP/IT Lawyer

Since she started the degree, she became familiar with technological law, having studied Law + ICT Specialty at the University of Deusto. She completed the Master’s Degree in Access to Lawyer Profession at the same university. She also studied the Master’s Degree in Industrial, Intellectual Property, Competition and New Technologies at ISDE Law & Business School and PONS.

She is passionate about digital law, in particular, e-Commerce, Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Competition and Digital Marketing. He is a proactive, dynamic and outgoing person, which allows her to develop tasks diligently.


- Grado en Derecho + Especialidad TIC en la Universidad de Deusto.
- Máster de Acceso a la Abogacía en la Universidad de Deusto.
- Máster en Propiedad Industrial, Intelectual, Competencia y Nuevas Tecnologías en ISDE Law & Business School y PONS.


- Industrial and Intellectual Property
- Competence
- Privacy and Data Protection
- Marketing Digital


- Spanish
- English
- French
- Basque