José Luis Narbona

Head of Cybersecurity

Jose Luis Narbona is a Telematics Engineer, specialist in Cybersecurity, Computer Expertise, New Technologies and Software.

Among others, he carries out audits for online corporate reputation and works related with online fraud detection.

He is an associate professor in Telematics Engineering of UAH for 12 years, where he teaches subjects regarding computer security. Since 1999, he has worked in different companies and consultants in ICT such as Telefónica, MyAlert, Coverlink, 100World in Spain, Germany, Sweden and Finland.

Co-founder and President of the National Association of Cybersecurity and Technological Expertise (ANCITE).

Degree in Telematics Engineering at University of Alcalá de Henares, competing his training with a Master’s Degree in Computer Systems and Networks at the same University.


- Spanish
- English