intellectual and industrial property lawyers

Intellectual and industrial property lawyers

Nowadays and increasingly, with the use of Internet and the large number of digital companies that are created day after day in a market that is always more competitive, it is important to defend the industrial and intellectual property of companies. Protecting the creation of intangible assets, that is, distinguishing products and services from those of competitors, is of great economic and strategic importance for companies and requires highly specialized legal advice.

Industrial Property

Industrial property can generate great benefits for companies as it allows them to differentiate their products or services in the marketplace. For this reason, at Letslaw we pay the attention it deserves, offering our clients global advice and full services in this field, from prior research, feasibility studies, application, registration, renewal… up to the legal defense in all instances of disputes relating to trademarks, patents, designs, trade names, utility models, know-how, business secrets as well as domain names with the aim of preventing third parties from taking advantage of the reputation and renown of intangible assets belonging to others.

Our clients are companies from various sectors and of very different natures, ranging from companies in the textile sector, companies in the entertainment sector, to food companies, luxury companies, technological development companies, and leading service companies in their sector.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Protection of industrial property rights
  • Protection of intangible assets in the pharmaceutical, software, biotechnology, consumer products fields, etc.
  • Registration and defense of patents, utility models and designs, as well as background checks.
  • Registration and defense of national, Community and international trademarks, distinctive signs and trade names and actions against piracy.
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts for the assignment and licensing of patents, trademarks, trade names and domain names.
  • Recovery of domain names, protection of web pages.
  • Advice on software protection conflicts.
  • Actions against piracy, counterfeiting and usurpation of rights.
  • Actions against violations of the right to honor, privacy and self-image.
  • Claims for plagiarism.
  • Planning of design protection strategies
  • Protection and defense against acts of unfair competition: deception and confusion, imitation, taking advantage of the effort and reputation of others, violation of secrets, etc.
  • Monitoring of negotiations.
  • Commercial litigation against offenders and contentious-administrative proceedings against OEPM resolutions.

Intellectual Property

Copyright and related rights, such as entertainment law, have become a branch of law under constant review. At Letslaw, we have a team of lawyers with a high degree of specialization in the field of intellectual property, whose objective is to try to reconcile the basic principles of the information society with the protection of intellectual creations in the digital age, providing our clients with comprehensive legal advice, offering them optimum solutions to protect different types of works and services that can be protected in this area, such as plastic, literary, dramatic, musical, audiovisual, computer programs, video games, etc.

Our services include, by way of example, the following:

  • Preventive advice: preparation of reports and legal opinions on the system of copyright and related rights.
  • Development of protection strategies for musical works, audiovisual works, photographic works, etc.
  • Rights of software and database manufacturers.
  • Register of intellectual creations.
  • Protection against violation of exploitation rights: reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.
  • Protection of the author’s moral rights (disclosure, paternity, respect for integrity).
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts for the assignment or exploitation of intellectual property rights.
  • Representation and negotiation before the Management Entities: SGAE, AIE, VEGAP, CEDRO, DAMA, AISGE, AGEDI and EGEDA.
  • Advice on procedures before Management Bodies: SGAE, AIE, VEGAP, CEDRO, DAMA, AISGE, AGEDI and EGEDA.
  • Legal representation before courts or arbitration bodies
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts for the assignment and licensing of exploitation rights.

Our team of professionals is made up of a group of lawyers specialized in intellectual and industrial property who have extensive experience in matters related to the protection and defense of intangibles, both in the initial stages to protect the intangible rights that make up intellectual and industrial property when processing entries in the corresponding official registers, and later when problems arise from infringements of the registered rights.

In addition, our lawyers are experts in the fields of communication, technology and internet, data protection, compliance, which places us at the forefront of the digital and new technologies world. We have a flexible structure that allows us to offer a comprehensive service and adapt to the needs, requirements and desires of each of our clients, providing them with quality, agile and decisive responses.