E-commerce legislation course in Spain

Many sectors are affected using the Internet and new technologies. Therefore, Letslaw will tell companies about all legal aspects affecting e – commerce.

This course is not only aimed at e-commerce companies in a strict sense, but to all those companies who, in one way or another, are related to e-commerce, such as companies that participate in the creation of websites or conduct online transactions.

Legal aspects and problems affecting e –commerce: data protection, online reputation, unfair competition, consumer’s legislation, online security or Cyber security. In addition, information on applicable law, regulatory bodies, and judicial and extrajudicial methods of resolving potential conflicts will be provided.

We update companies on their legal obligations to comply with laws such as Data Protection Act, E – Commerce Act, Intellectual Property Law, Patent Law, Trademark Law… addressing the legal framework regulating e – commerce and ensuring companies compliance with the obligations contained in current regulations.